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Team Kurenai || Favourite Teams in Naruto 1/3
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✪ For a short drabble about your character waking mine up from a nightmare.

The dream which seemed so sweet and innocent took a violent turn, sending Hinata’s body tossing and turning frantically. She could feel a slight tingling sensation on her shoulders in her dream, her consciousness soon drifting back into reality. As her eyes fluttered open, she could see the outline of a figure shaking her shoulders. It was hard for her to know if this was real or fake, causing Hinata to physically struggle from the stranger in fear.

Quickly sitting up, she backed into the corner of her bed while tears gradually fell down her ckeeks. G-Get away from me! She yelled, her voice choking up on her. Her breathing quickly became more shallow and frequent, her body slowly slipping into a panic attack.

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- For a short drabble about your character waking mine up from a nightmare.

- For a short drabble about my character trying to get your character to go to bed.

- For a short drabble about my character singing yours a lullaby. 

- For a short drabble about a dream my character has about yours.

- For a short drabble about my character falling asleep with yours.

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         ”Hmph, if you wanted to try my perfect coffee you should have just asked.”

"I-I’m sorry, I didn’t want to i-intrude…" 

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It was almost inconceivable that he hadn’t been shot down by now - Akihito could not even recall a single instance where someone had been so willing to go along with his whims (other than of course his mother who was the word ‘eccentric’ personified, and the last thing he wanted was to grant her the satisfaction of having her become a test person). But this Hyuga-san - or maybe he should just follow her example and go straight to calling her Hinata-chan - did not even for a moment question his actions.

Immediately when the glasses decorated her face the boy knew that he had made the right decision yet again. Yes, beautiful! A girl in glasses was almost perfection by default, but a girl that actually looked absolutely smashing in them was more than he could ever hope to ask for. Almost moved to tears from joy, Akihito granted his approval. “They’re perfect…! Thank you. Thank you so much.” Was it a bit too far fetched to thank her very existence? Because that was exactly what the boy was considering right now.


This encounter didn’t bother her one bit, it was actually nice to have somewhat of a normal conversation, well, this was close enough to normal. Anyways, what would life be without some interesting things here and there? As soon as she saw his reaction, the answer to her question was known before he spoke.  They must have looked good on her, judging by his response. A slight tinge came upon her cheeks as she pondered, 'Do I really look that good in glasses?' Her curiosity was peaked and she turned her head in search for a window or something with reflective capabilities. 'Oh, there's one.' As soon as her eyes saw her reflection, her lips curved up into a wide smile.

They are perfect! She said in agreement while turning back to face him. This definitely made her day and she felt very lucky to have come across him. She let out a soft laugh, You’re welcome, but I should be the one thanking you. I would have never thought I’d look so good in glasses. And luckily they were non-prescription, so she could wear them. Arigatou, Akihito-kun!

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I’m so terribly sorry, but today for some reason is an off day. Can’t seem to focus or type. So replies might be a bit slow. Maybe it’s from the party lastnight…… I did have drinks o-o you know what maybe thats it

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Although he was happy that his request was actually complied to (as most people would have been likely to just shrug him off as a madman - they had no idea what they were missing out on while not being able to see the appeal and wonder of glasses!) Akihito’s more or less professional gaze began resting on her. A very thorough examination and evaluation later, the half-youmu had made his decision.


"Hmm, the colour isn’t quite right." Wearing the right kind of glasses was a science in itself and he liked to believe that even though a pair of glasses was a necessary feature on any face, there would only be one pair that was truly made for a person. And finding that one pair was all Akihito lived for. From his pockets he picked a pair with a dark purple frame. "I’m Kanbara. Kanbara Akihito. Could you try these ones instead?"

Lavender hues watched as he examined her face, curious as to what he was thinking. His focus made it look like he was some kind of professional. She nodded in approval, he was right. Red just never seemed to go with her that well, depending on the object of course. Hinata shot him a timid smile, "It’s nice to meet you Akihito-kun. I’m Hinata Hyuga, …oh, sure." 

She looked at the new pair of glasses in his hands, taking off the red pair and passing them over to him as she grabbed the new ones. She put them on, slightly adjusting them until they were comfortable. Quickly she glanced at him for approval, after all, he seemed to know what he was doing. "Do these ones look b-better?"

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get to know kunoichi → specialties

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He honestly didn’t really mind moving around - after all Akihito’s entire life had been spent moving from one place to another on a regular basis, so this was just like any other time he had to go to a new place. No, that wasn’t what was troubling him at all. There was however another and far more concerning matter. Walking up to the first and the best person, he dug into his pockets and took out one of the many spare glasses he always kept on his person, holding them out for the person to take.


"Quick! It’s an emergency!" he said in a very serious tone as if life or death was depending on this. "Could you put on these glasses?"

Hinata had just gotten to this town and it seemed pleasant so far. Without a roommate yet, she decided to just go and roam the city, it would definitely be better than sitting indoors all day. The sun was still up, so she had time before she would head back. As she turned the corner of a building, a voice in front of her caught her attention and sent her jumping slightly. Her eyes soon turned from shock to confusion, watching as he held out the glasses for her.

"Well, if it’s an e-emergency." She timidly took the glasses, placing them on her face as she looked back at him. Still confused, a slight flush came to her cheeks. "Is that g-good, -?" The kunoichi extended the last of her sentence, hoping he’d catch that she was requesting his name.

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Hinata don’t throw the-!……. W-well, I feel sorry for whoever got hit by that. *scratches head nervously* Any ways, let’s get to this mun intro shall we?

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